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Child Visitation

The parent who does not have physical custody of the child is usually given "reasonable visitation" rights with the child. Visitation rights allow the non-custodial parent (the person without child custody) time to spend with their child. Unless the court finds that the visitation would be an endangerment to the child or would adversely affect their well-being, this is the most common way to allow both parents to be a part of the child’s life.

If you are looking to establish or modify child custody or visitation, it is generally wise to consult with an attorney. A lawyer has experience dealing with the complicated court system and can work to protect your relationship with the child. Although this may be just part of a complex divorce or related dispute, it is still a very important aspect of the process and should be approached in the most efficient way possible.

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When it comes to the well-being of your child, you will most likely do whatever you can to guarantee their comfort and safety. A child should be able to see both of his or her parents, and having inadequate visitation guidelines is an obstacle for this vital relationship.

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Modification of Child Visitation Arrangements

The term “reasonable visitation rights” does not, in fact, provide the non-custodial parent with any exact visitation rights, so one parent's definition of “fair and reasonable” may be much different than the other parent's. This may bring about issues that endanger the welfare of the child caught in the middle. Situations such as a disagreement on the visitation rights may ultimately have to go to family court in order to have a judge set forth a specific schedule. Because of this possibility, having a capable and compassionate child visitation attorney will allow you to get truly fair and reasonable visitation rights.

Child visitation agreements can be modified with the consent of both parents or by the Court. Anything can be changed as long as it is consistent with the best interests of the child. Typical justifications for an alteration in child custody or visitation include:

  • Relocation — allows parents with physical custody to relocate no matter what distance is involved.
  • Substantial change in circumstances — Anything significant that disrupts the stability of the child's life (i.e. parent's loss of job, relocation, illness) may warrant modification.
  • Change in lifestyle — Modification may be justified if substantial changes in a parent's lifestyle threaten or harm the child.

A judge has the authority and discretion to restrict or limit visitation in any manner necessary to protect the minor children, no matter what that decision may be. Because of this, you need to put yourself in a favorable light with the help of a competent Florida lawyer and allow you to see your child as much as you should.

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Issues concerning your child are delicate and should be approached in a careful and calculated manner, especially when it concerns your future relationship together. A wrong move in court or an unintentional mistake anywhere in the process has the potential to keep you from the child you love. Do what you can to keep this from happening and hire an experienced DeFuniak Springs family law attorney who has a strong understanding of the laws regarding family and children in this state.

Adkinson Law Firm, LLC is dedicated to its clients and will take advantage of the vast legal knowledge that they have to develop a proper strategy to keep you close to your child. They understand that visitation issues can become complex and they will use their combined 30 years of experience to give you an opportunity to achieve the outcome you desire.

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