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Divorce and annulment are commonly lumped in together as ways to legally dissolve a marriage. However, it is important to understand that they are different in many ways.

Divorce is the process of asking the court to terminate the marriage, while an annulment is petitioning the court to void it, making it as if the marriage never existed. If an individual has entered into a marriage under false pretenses, it may be possible to petition the court to annul the marriage. Contacting an experienced family law attorney can help you decide if an annulment is right for you.

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Annulment in Florida

Anyone who is seeking an annulment in Florida must show that the marriage was invalid when it was entered into. Some of the reasons that can be used to support the notion that a marriage is invalid include:

  • Either spouse is impotent;
  • An individual was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the marriage ceremony;
  • An individual was under duress, or was forced to enter into the marriage;
  • Lack of mental capacity by either spouse to fully understand the concept of marriage;
  • Individuals later learned that they were blood relatives;
  • A concealed divorce by either spouse;
  • If your spouse was previously married and that marriage never legally ended; or
  • Other misrepresentations by one spouse to another.

In Florida, a “void” marriage is one that existing law shouldn’t have allowed in the first place. A "voidable" marriage is one that had grounds to exist at the start, but something came to light later that should nullify it. It is important to note that it is possible to go through an entire litigation only to have the judge deny your petition. Even if your marriage meets the criteria for an annulment, you may not be granted an annulment.  

The choice of whether to get an annulment or a divorce depends on your specific situation. Whether you get a divorce or an annulment, you will still be required to address the issues of asset division, child support, and child custody.  

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