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Felony Possession of Marijuana

Although it may be surprising to still see certain states continue to hand down extremely harsh sentences to those found in possession of marijuana (also known as bud, cannabis, pot, ganja), the sad fact is that there are serious consequences to this comparatively harmless offense. Even with large amounts of public support, in order to keep from dealing with the worst of these penalties, those charged with felony marijuana possession need to understand the laws and their options for defending their case in a court of law.

A felony possession of marijuana charge is severe enough to have detrimental effects in many aspects of a person’s life, financially, socially and professionally. The classification as a felony, no matter what you were in fact caught with, should be taken very seriously with the guidance and advice from a qualified criminal defense attorney.

DeFuniak Springs Felony Marijuana Possession Attorney

Considering the severity of this charge, it would be in your best interest to retain competent legal counsel to defend your right in court. The lawyers at Adkinson Law Firm, LLC have been working with those charged with alleged felony possession for years and have the legal understanding to keep your freedom intact, allowing you to move on with your life.

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Definition and Punishment for Felony Possession of Marijuana in Walton County

The exact definition of what constitutes felony possession of marijuana can be found within Fla. Stat. §893.13, which states that a person will be charged with felony possession if the individual is found with over 20 grams of marijuana in their possession at the time of arrest.

Similar to simple possession laws, in Florida you can be charged with actual or constructive possession. Actual possession means that the individual had the drug physically in their hand, on their body, in their clothing, or within their immediate reach. With regard to constructive possession, the individual allegedly was able to take control of marijuana, had the intent to take actual possession of the marijuana, and had knowledge the marijuana was in their presence.

As this is a felony charge, the negative consequences are extensive. If found to possess over 20 grams of marijuana, you will be charged with a third-degree felony, which comes with up to five years in prison and/or a fine of up to $5,000.

Considering these extremely harsh penalties, it would be in your best interest to retain legal counsel that has a strong understanding of the Florida legal system so as to give you a good chance at successfully fighting the charges.

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If you or a loved one has been charged with felony possession of marijuana in the counties of Okaloosa, Washington, Walton, Holmes, Santa Rosa, or Escambia, take the steps necessary to clear you name by hiring an experienced DeFuniak Springs criminal defense lawyer at Adkinson Law Firm, LLC.

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