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DUI with Property Damage

According to Fla. Stat. § 316.193(3)(c)1, any individual who is in actual physical control of a vehicle, while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and causes or contributes to causing damage to the property or person of another, can be charged with driving under the influence (DUI) with property damage.

In Florida, this is a very serious offense that could lead to years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines. If you have been arrested for causing property damage while driving under the influence, contact a well versed South Walton DUI defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Destin Defense Lawyer for DUI with Property Damage

If you or a loved one has been charged with DUI with property damage in Crestview, South Walton, Fort Walton Beach, Milton, Navarre, DeFuniak Springs, Pensacola and the surrounding areas, contact Adkinson Law Firm, LLC to discuss your alleged DUI offense. Clay Adkinson of Adkinson Law Firm, LLC has represented hundreds of clients in DUI cases. His insight into this often complex area of law can help keep your life on track.

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Florida DUI with Property Damage Information Center

DUI with Property Damage in Florida

In order for an individual to be charged with DUI, he or she must be in actual physical control of the vehicle. However, that does not mean that he or she must actually be driving the vehicle. If an individual is in or on the vehicle and has the capability of driving it, he or she can be deemed to be in actual physical control.

In Florida, an individual is considered “under the influence” if his or her normal faculties are impaired due to drugs or alcohol. An individual is also considered under the influence if his or her blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is above the legal limit of .08.

Penalties for DUI with Property Damage in South Walton

DUI with property damage is considered a first-degree misdemeanor. According to Florida law, this offense is punishable by the following penalties:

  • Up to a year in Jail;
  • A fine of up to $1,000;
  • A suspended driver’s license;
  • DUI awareness program ;
  • Probation;
  • Drug and alcohol treatment; and/or
  • The installation of an ignition interlock device in the offender’s vehicle.

The court reserves the right to sentence an individual convicted of this offense to any combination of the penalties listed above.

Keeping Your Life on Track

If you have been arrested for DUI with property damage in the Florida Panhandle, including the areas of Fort Walton Beach, Niceville, Mary Esther, Chipley, Carville, Bonifay, Milton, and Pensacola contact Adkinson Law Firm, LLC today. The DeFuniak Springs criminal defense attorneys of Adkinson Law Firm, LLC have the dedication and skill necessary to help you avoid jail time and a license suspension.

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